Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speaking from Mind Maps

Today I did a marathon presentation for 25 librarians: five hours on information literacy, best teaching practices, and emerging technologies for teaching. Five hours is a long time to speak, but I have my mind map to thank for organizing all of this information and keeping me on task while speaking. I had one main hand-drawn mind map to refer to during the workshop, and this launched me to two older mind maps and my site for certain sections.

No, I didn't project a mind map for the participants since there was just too much information and too many visuals to show. The mind maps were for my purposes only. But, I did show them the mind map I was using and I made my mind map business cards with this address and my Twitter name on them available. My Delicious site also has many mind map links on it (including this blog), so I am hoping I at least created some curiosity about the effectiveness of mind maps.

If anyone from today's session is reading this, please comment! I'd love to know what you think.