Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In anticipation of my long-dreamt-about sabbatical on the many uses for Mind Mapping in education, I am now presenting the offical Margaret MindMapping Blog. Please share with me your ideas about the uses of Mind Mapping whether you think your ideas are innovative or not! I'd also like to hear about unexpected places where you have seen Mind Maps used. So far, besides in classes and in students' homework assignments, I've seen them used on the show "Without a Trace" where police brainstorm to figure out what has happened to missing people, and on a Sylvan Learning Center commercial where one is used to show a young student how to organize her thoughts about a favorite topic.

I'll be sharing my own ideas, discoveries, adventures, and Mind Maps in the months leading up to the long-dreamt-about sabbatical (beginning in January 2010), and once my sabbatical starts I will post with greater frequency.

Please comment if you are interested in Mind Mapping!

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